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METRICS MATTER! Local government entities across the nation are operating on tight budgets and minimal resources, especially in the COVID era, and it can be difficult to measure the performance of waste & recycling programs or to make informed decisions to divert more waste from landfills. Fortunately, a solution already exists and it’s free for all government entities! The Municipal Measurement Program™ (MMP™) provides local recycling programs with access to more than 10 analytical reports, providing key insights and actionable recommendations to improve programs. GRC will continue work to get our local governments participating so that we may aggregate tonnage for statewide reporting.

NOW, all counties and regional agencies (consolidated governments; SWMA) can participate in the MMP, along with municipalities. With your participation, the MMP gives us a more comprehensive look at how we’re doing. We all know recycling is robust in Georgia, but we need data to back that up.

The MMP™ was designed by The Recycling Partnership & Re-TRAC Connect™ to create a centralized database of local government program information that communities can use to improve recycling in the United States. Collecting recycling and waste efficiently is crucial to working towards a circular economy and reducing our waste overall.

BECOME AN MMP Member and Contribute to our Collective Success!

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Here’s the link to our September 29th, 2020 webinar: