“Community-based Composting” means engaging community members to process organic material on a scale that is typically smaller than full-scale composting.  Community-based composting operations are often located at community gardens and urban farms, or may be stand-alone operations on vacant lots within communities.


GRC is involved in a partnership with Food Well Alliance and EPA Region 4 to initiate an Atlanta Community-Based Composting Council; from GRC’s perspective, this is a first step in developing a robust statewide compost council as part of a larger plan to begin the process of USCC state chapter hood. Mentoring these entrepreneurs is important in growing the larger infrastructure for compost manufacturing in our state. GRC will be working with Food Well Alliance, EPA Region 4 and other partners on a grass roots outreach campaign for community based composting (CBC) as well as a Best Management Practices for CBC manual/toolkit and associated training. We are also in discussions with EPD on a rules change to jump start smaller scale composting sites.