It’s that time of year for friends, food, and football! Tailgating before the game?  Check out these easy tips for a more sustainable tailgate party.

  • Before you go, check the stadium’s website for the items that they accept for recycling.
  • Estimate the amount of food you need for your friends.  This avoids overbuying and decreases food waste. Need help estimating the amount of food to buy, check out the Barbecue Party Calculator from Food Network.
  • Don’t buy individually wrapped items.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • If the venue has a composting option for tailgaters, purchase paper plates versus plastic plates.
  • Choose decorations and serveware that can be reused (e.g., cloth tablecloths and napkins, potted flowers)
  • Purchase beverages in containers that the venue accepts for recycling. Limit or eliminate single-use cups.
  • Buy local, seasonal ingredients. This not only helps support your local farmers and businesses, but it also reduces emissions associated with transporting items long distances.
  • Bring an extra container, box, or bag to collect and haul your recyclables.
  • Be sure to follow instructions on the venue’s collection containers or at their drop-off sites for recycling. For example, you may need to empty the recyclables into their containers (i.e., no bagged recyclables.)
  • Break down cardboard boxes.
  • Don’t place decorations in with your recycling.  Balloons, streamers, and plastic tablecloths are contaminants in the recycling process.
  • Don’t place paper plates in with recyclables.
Compost (if available)

If your venue offers composting, see if they accept food scraps and other organics from fans.

Be a Good Fan
  • Clean up after your tailgate party ends.
  • Don’t leave litter.
  • Don’t dump used cooking oil or grease on the ground.