The campaign also includes a series of videos designed to increase awareness about contamination and the importance of recycling.  How you share with your community – streaming, social media – it’s up to you!

Brief descriptions of each video series are shown below.

Recycle Coach: General Awareness Videos Focusing on Contamination

In these 15- and 30- second light-hearted spots, our favorite Recycle Coach helps the viewer sort out what goes in the bin. Score one for the team! GRC purchased unlimited usage and talent rights to these videos for two years for our members to use. Videos can’t be modified without consent from GRC and the production company. Please note that these videos are no longer available.  

Let’s Sort This Out: Kickoff Video

This short video helps sort out how to manage household items with a focus on the top curbside contaminants. Click on video to view and share.

Recycle: Our Businesses Depend On It Videos: Focus on Georgia’s Recycling Industry

Georgia is home to a robust recycling industry. More than 100 Georgia manufacturers depend on recycled materials to make their products.

This series of videos highlight the importance of recycling to businesses and manufacturers in the state. Commodity-specific videos focus on the recyclability of the material, how it is recycled in Georgia, the products produced using it, and its importance to Georgia’s economy, environment, efficiency, and the companies’ bottom line. Videos walk the viewer through the steps of collection, processing, and manufacturing to show the end product created. Recycle: Our Businesses Depend On It.


Faces of Recycling Video: #RecycleStrongGA

We are proud of the people that work in the recycling industry in Georgia. This video series highlights some of these people and the unique solutions they have found to the problems facing recycling, including contamination. You will enjoy learning from these hometown heroes.

To download and share videos, go to the Georgia Recycling Coalition’s YouTube channel.

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