#RecycleRightGA: Let’s Sort This Out Campaign Resources

Welcome to the online home for #RecycleRightGA: let’s sort this out, a statewide education campaign designed by the Georgia Recycling Coalition (GRC) to increase recycling, decrease contaminants being placed in curbside recycling, and ensure Georgia manufacturers have the recovered materials they need for their businesses.

We spent time listening to you and other recycling experts, as well as citizens across the state. The campaign reflects what we learned and recognizes the need to customize items for your community. The campaign also adopted messaging (e.g., main tag line) similar to that already being used across the southeast to promote recycling and increase awareness about contamination. Consistent messaging between states helps reinforce the message as people visit or relocate to other states. The campaign is intended to supplement existing education efforts in our communities and provides the resources most requested by the recycling coordinators we surveyed. These free, downloadable campaign resources include:

  • Social media content and images – more than 100 messages created for you!
  • Artwork with logos for newsletters and websites (seasonal and multi-purpose banners)
  • Videos
  • Collateral pieces for residential curbside including:
    • Mailers highlighting what to recycle and what not to recycle
  • User guide with tips for using and customizing materials



We want to hear from you! Let us know what items you used and what you think you may need in the future. To help us understand how the materials are being used and to determine the effectiveness of the campaign, GRC will send surveys to users.

Ready to get started? Complete the form below and download the files you need. All the materials are free. For the campaign to be successful, we need your commitment to supporting the statewide campaign by sharing the resources in your community.

Funding for this campaign was provided by the American Beverage Association, Coca-Cola Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta.

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